Hi Sharnah—Great name, great natural personality, Great PR lady and great secretary/organiser and people pleaser.
Very efficient and impressive on every count. You have won me. 
I frequently say that it was one of the best investments I made on my car/caravan. I know what is behind me when driving and boy has that camera enabled me!
On occasions it has prevented me running over a child, a park tap and shrubs. Of course the best thing is NO MORE ARGUMENTS WITH THE WIFE!  Why? Because I can reverse the car straight onto the van every time 100% accuracy without asking her to give me any directions. She is never around now when I link up.
A Fantastic product. Great staff experiences from when I made a deposit at the Show, to fitting and now after sales service!
There should be awards for such a great company. The whole firm and all departments are a pleasure to deal with—truly!
Paul Ross
Bossley Park

I very much appreciate the many functions in that unit, & I consider it to be a brilliant piece of technology, which otherwise would need many devices cluttering up my dashboard.
Paul Oboohov, Canberra

Hi Michael,
We are safely back in Perth after our marathon trek from Sydney, Melbourne and then Perth.
Thank you to you and Steve for the great job you did in installing the system in our Land Cruiser. The camera system on the back of the caravan works a treat. So much more accurate and more true to colour than our old system.
Mike Merkel

Hello Nicole,
I want to sincerely thanky ou for your professional guidance and state that it is difficult to receive customer service in this day and age.
Many businesses, once you hand over the money you’re on your own, but not in this case.
Very happy to say, I reactivated the Polaris with the code you sent me and it is up and running. Just have to familiarise myself with how it works.
Thank you & kind regards
Peter, WA

To Angie,
Received the G.P.S chip, working well. Thank you for your prompt attention and friendly phone manner.
Ken Ingold, Singleton

Dear Polaris,
I just wanted to take the opportunity to write to you and let you know how happy I am with my in dash unit. The PID019R was fitted into my 2008 Toyota Corolla back in July and I am more than impressed with it, so much so that I have taken the time out to write to you. The navigation system in the unit is so easy to use and it has gotten me out of some tight spots. The Bluetooth feature is also a standout, as I don’t even need to touch my phone whenever a call comes in. I am also very impressed with the reverse camera and never realised what an invaluable safety feature this is, especially as I have young children, I don’t think I could ever drive a vehicle without a reverse camera again. I also wanted to express my thanks for the professional fit carried out by your installers, the unit looks as though it is part of the vehicle. I will definitely be recommending your product to anyone who will listen.
Thanks again
Raj Prasaad, Bexley

Good afternoon Michael
Thank you very much for taking the time to inspect my vehicle this morning and for sending your email so promptly. It is very much appreciated. You are certainly a credit to your company!
Giles Hooper

I had a new Polaris in Dash GPS/Multimedia unit installed in my BT50 this morning. I wanted to say thank you for the superb job on the installation and the quality of the unit.
Your technical was very helpful in the unit summery and instructions of use and option. The unit made the car perfect and it works just as good as it looks.
I have already recommended the upgrade to mate with the same car.
Thank you.
Rob Griffith
Hi Angie,
Many thanks for the prompt turnaround with the SD card.
It arrived today.
I inserted it and had no trouble in installing/registering the software. It seems to be working fine.
Even with the instruction manual I still struggle a bit with basic navigation, such as route planning with intermediate waypoints, but I’m sure in time I will get the hang of it.
Many thanks again for you awesome help. 
Much appreciated!
Dieter – Hazelwood South, VIC

To the wonderful Polaris team, thank you so much.
I drive a 12 year old Honda Integra and I must admit to having neglected the car's paintwork which had become dull and tired over that time.
So, after hearing the ad on 2UE I booked it in for the Polaris Nanoshield treatment.
Needless to say when I picked it up my car was unrecognisable. My old Honda looked like it was brand new again, paintwork perfect, fire engine red and as shiny as a new coin.
Thanks again to John and the team at Polaris. I can cheerfully recommend.
G Silver

I am writing to thankyou for the excellent finish on my Jaguar. The car is now 17 years old and although it has done a very low mileage, the exterior paint was showing it's age.
The Nanoshield finish has brought the paintwork back to new and I am so please with the result.
Please extend my thanks to your technicians for their care in looking after the car.
Robert Worthington

Re: your Nanoshield Paint Protection
" I just would like you to know that this is the first time that I have been so impressed by a product, that I have been compelled to write about it. I own a 24ft Jayco caravan built in 2007. This van had been in storage for 5 years prior to our purchase and the sun had taken its toll on both the front and rear, as well as one side, which were quite oxidised. I spent 2 weekends cutting and polishing these areas with mixed results. Then I saw your advertisement for Nanoshield. I ordered a "Paint Protection kit" and applied the product to the affected sides of my caravan. I must say that the transformation was immediate and I believe that Nanoshield has taken 5 years of the age of my van. Absolutely brilliant! I have since ordered the "4 way protection" kit and can't wait to apply them ." Many thanks for a fantastic product.
George Burg

I had my new Mercedes E class done with the Polaris Nanoshield Paint protection, Leather treatment and Glass treatment and the finish looks fantastic.
The paintwork has a better shine than when it came off the showroom floor and is so much easier to clean because the dirt and water don’t settle on the finish like it did before.
The staff were very professional and the job was completed with a minimum of fuss. I highly recommend the Polaris Nanoshield treatment and will be telling all of my friends.
Warren – Northmead

I have highly recommended your product to so many people. Where I live the elements are extremely harsh, the iron ore oxides really badly on vehicles, the water is very hard and calcifies immediately because of the heat and we have a high level of salt in the air. This is the only product in 7 years I have tried that has worked, so thank you.
Tye Monaghan

To Angie,
Received the G.P.S chip, working well. Thank you for your prompt attention and friendly phone manner.
Ken Ingold, Singleton